Green Chile Store

Hatch Chile
Amazing green chile ready to go! Check it out below.
Spicy Cooking - Cast Iron Skillet
Cast iron pans are the best type of pan to cook green chile. Check out this 3 set below in the link.
Fresh Roasted Chile
A fantastic roasted chile shipped to your door. Check it out below!
Green chile knife set
These knives are fantastic for green chile slicing. Check them out below!
Fresh roasted frozen chile
This chile comes with some heat, get it delivered right to your door and have the main ingredient for your sauces. Check it out below!
Green chile cooking sheets
Best cooking sheets to throw your green chiles on, get them all broiled in the oven. Check it out below!
Delicious 505 chile
505 green chile is a New Mexican staple!

Buy and have it shipped to your door, click the link below!
Green chile cooking dish set
Amazing dish set for someone who wants to stay festive! Check it out below!
Green chile bible
A fantastic recipe book that will give you all the secrets on how to cook green chile. Check it out below!
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